Monday, August 30, 2010

Read older posts to learn about saving with coupons

Don't forget to read the older blog posts to learn some valuable information about saving with coupons and tricks of the trade. There is also posts about mystery shopping also. Please make note that some older posts with freebies listed may be outdated. I tried to get alot of the older freebie links deleted but some posts still have some valuable info.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

List of good mystery shopping companies & merchandising companies

I thought I had a list of companies posted, but obviously I don't. I have not been able to do much posting lately because I have been so busy with mystery shopping and alot of merchandising jobs. To those who don't know what I'm talking about when I say "merchandising " jobs, I will explain. Merchandising jobs are different than mystery shopping. The store knows you are in the location doing a specific job, you don't have to purchase anything and 99% of the time you are NOT anonymous. Right now, I have have several merchandising jobs where I service the stores DVD displays every week, I set the display up and set the DVD's to planogram, record any out of stock movies, box up any old movies and call FED EX to pick up from store. I have set up displays at Walmart, and blow up the helium balloons and display in the store. Right now I have a job where I call on many businesses in my town and place signage for Discover. There is numerous types of jobs available. Some are very easy and don't take much time, others are more extensive and more time consuming. Pay rate is usually per job or the amount of time it takes. I have found lately that the merchandising jobs in my area are easier to get then the mystery shopping. Since I have put alot of emphasis on merchandising, I have made an extra $500 a month. I enjoy it because I don't have to remember alot of details (mystery shopping) and I enjoy working with the people. The down side of merchandising is having to find and wait on managers to go over details of your job and sign paperwork, after you do it for awhile though, you will find what methods work for you.

Here is a list of mystery shopping & merchandising companies: ( I have not checked them all out, but the source where they are listed is reliable and I am signed with many mystery shopping companies with this source. (mystery shopping companies) (merchandising companies)

My main merchandising companies I use is Certified Reports and Strat Mar, but I know there are alot of other good companies out there I have not experienced yet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Health care & prescription coupons

**Walgreens will give free care to jobless and uninsured people at their clinics (from 11am-3PM at participating stores)
Find clinics here

$25 gift card when you transfer prescription to Walgreens

Get Rite Aid Rx savings prescription card for FREE at Rite Aid and get your next prescription free (ask store for more details or go to )

At partcipating Kmarts there are coupons for a $10 gift card when you purchase a new or transferred prescription

Publix has many free antibiotics (so if you have a prescription for antibiotics, check with them first, it probably is FREE!)

Clubs & newsletters (free stuff & coupons)

Join Akota Lakota musuem & cultural center Eclub and get a free stationary package

Join Chicken of the sea mermaid club for coupons & offers

Sign up for Ore-Ida newsletter and special offers

Join Arm & Hammer cat club for offers and coupons

Join the Quicker Picker upper club- for coupons, samples and offers from Bounty

Register for Duncan Hines bakers club to earn points to earn free gifts

Sign up for Baskin Robbins birthday club(click on birthday clubs at top right corner) for free ice cream on your birthday (also on April 29 in honor of America's firefighters, get .31 cents scoops)

Sign up to receive special offers and coupons from Silk soy milk

Register with Axe body spray for free samples and offers

Sign up for Simple & Delicious for a free coupon booklet (includes Orville Redenbacher, Hunt's Ketchup, etc)

Sign up with Bruester's for free ice cream on your birthday

Sign up for McCafe for free sandwich at McDonalds with the purchase of McCafe coffee (get other coupons and offers also)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clubs and product testing

Join the coffee-mate brew crew-(give feedback on coffee-mate products and get free samples,promotional items and coupons)

Join Winn-Dixie baby club-get $10 back for every 200 pointsearned on baby items, coupons for free products and more.

Progressive Kitchen product testing

Join the Rippin Rider kids testing team (educational,test products) Great for homeschoolers!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


See the post a few posts down to see the abbreviations for the grocery/drugstore deals. There is more info. on coupons on another blog, you can type in "saving with coupons" in the blog search bar.

Good luck! and happy savings!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun stuff to do

Free tickets to Baltimore Orioles game on your birthday

Get free movie tickets from FOX to see Miss March (only certain cities)

Funschool-An educational gaming site for kids

Sesame Street fun activities for little ones

Free movie from Redbox every wednesday in the month of March (visit Redblog every wed. for code)

A Full cup-Grocery coupons and deals forum (Lots of great tips about grocery deals and saving money)

Swap Savers-Free social network for people who love freebies, coupons, etc.